Tatev tours

While you are in Tatev don't miss the chance to explore Devil's Bridge and Harsnadzor Watchpost! Tatev Tours provide shuttle transport from Halidzor station to Devil's Bridge, Watchpost and back to Halidzor station.
The overall length of the tour is 1.15 hours.
Price per person is 1000 AMD.
  • Total: 1000 AMD
Secure payment by
For your convenience we offer to purchase the Wings of Tatev ropeway e-ticket on our website.
  • Purchasing an electronic ticket via the Internet saves time and eliminates the need to stand in queue;
  • Buying a ticket in advance, you can be sure that you have a guaranteed place on the desired flight;
  • You can buy an electronic ticket for your friends or relatives who for any reason cannot do so themselves;
You can choose the most convenient
  • Ticket price for children under 110 cm is 100 AMD. Children tickets are available at the ticket office of cableway
  • Ticket purchases are non-refundable if the visit is not carried out at the time indicated on the ticket. Not used tickets can be exchanged according to established terms.
  • Should you have any questions, please contact the information center of Wings of Tatev cableway: +374 60 463333+374 96 463333[email protected].

What To Do

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